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Brookfield – Today Matthew J. Schultz received a letter of endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business’ IL PAC for the 21st Illinois State House District. To quote the letter, “NFIB and our small business members have carefully evaluated the candidates in this race and determined that you clearly demonstrate an understanding of the issues critical to small business in Illinois.”


Matthew J. Schultz made several positive comments in regards to the endorsement. “I am pleased to see the NFIB IL PAC endorsed my campaign,” said Schultz. “Small business is the backbone of the Illinois economy. They make up 90% of the business sector, and employ around half of the local workforce.”


“Moreover, small business owners are problem solvers. Successful business and entrepreneurs identify a problem or a need that is not being met, and provide goods or services to solve these problems. The more successful the small business, the more evidence they are providing solutions for society’s problems. I am proud that these problem solvers have identified my campaign as part of the solution for getting Illinois back on track.”  

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