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End Of The Madigan Night; The Morning Will Come

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Brookfield – Following a successful primary election, taxpayer advocate Matthew J. Schultz is officially the Republican candidate for the general election. Schultz will be running for Illinois House of Representatives District 21, an area that has not seen a Republican on the ballot, or a contested general election since 2008.


“It’s been a difficult process getting on the ballot, but its exciting that our team has gotten this far,” said Schultz. “I remember back in January going door to door getting signatures to be on the ballot. The weather was close to zero sometimes, I was slipping on ice, and on top of that we had the threat of Covid-19 to deal with.”


“Now is the last but toughest part yet, winning the general election. The election is going to be a challenge, especially with how the district was drawn. I have lived in Brookfield for over 20 years, and after one look at this district it is unfathomable to me how anyone can believe the district makes any sense.”


“This gerrymandering though only increases my resolve, and is an example on why I need to run. Illinois is in desperate need of reform.”


“We need to reform our budget, reform our taxes to be lower, reform our economy for growth, as well as bring procedural & electoral reform. We need to start fixing things, otherwise more people and companies are going to leave, and we will have fewer resources to fix anything.”


“Illinois is a great state, filled with great people. The only reason we are suffering is because Madigan Era corruption and incompetence. Voting them out in exchange for people like me who care about our community would be a step in the right direction.”


“I am the only candidate that has never been backed by Madigan running in district 21. I’m a tax fighter and executive director of Taxpayer United of America. I fought many local property tax increase referenda in Illinois and won. I intend to win this election and bring reform to Illinois.”


“I will do everything I can do deliver reform, and end political repression championed by the Democrat Party. Illinois democracy must not burn into fading embers, but reignite into a blazing beacon of hope. We must have referenda and direct democracy in Illinois, and let the corrupt Chicago political machine rust into dust. The dark night of the Madigan Era has lasted long enough. The morning will come!”

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