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Meet Matthew

The Common Sense Choice

Matthew J. Schultz has lived in the Village of Brookfield and within the current Illinois house representative district for over 20 years. After graduating college, Matthew worked as an Illinois taxpayer activist, which he has done over 5 years. He has spent a long time researching the Illinois state government budget, and fighting tax raisers.

Some of his accomplishments include working to defeat several tax increase referenda in the Cook and collar counties. He also worked with teams fighting Pritzker's Graduated Income Tax Increase Amendment, which was defeated in 2020. He was also a part of the team that exposed former Taxpayer Traitors, who voted to increase the Illinois state income tax despite previous pledges not to.

Matthew is a proven leader with a consistent track record. Now he is running as a Reform Republican to stabilize Illinois.  He will always fight on the side of taxpayers, and will fight to restore Illinois to its spot as one of the greatest states in the Union.

Matthew, Why Run?

Illinois has fallen far from where it used to be. People, including many of my friends and family have left Illinois for greener pastures. People are losing hope in Illinois.  This should not be the case. Illinois is a great state with a lot of good people that has been let down by terrible management. We need to end the Madigan Era, beat back the radicals, and begin rebuilding Illinois. It is my hope that once Illinois is on the mend this will be a state people want to move back to, not leave.


To do that, we must stand united and reject divisive radicals that are tearing our state and our republic apart. As The Land of Lincoln, we must remember the phrase, "a house divided against itself cannot stand." Only together can we bring real reform to Illinois.


To bring reform we must reject corruption, restore trust in our republican institutions, and increase democracy in Illinois. Illinois is one of the most corrupt states in the union, and has stayed so long enough to be the butt of many jokes. We cannot forget that it does not have to be this way. We must demand integrity from our politicians and see increased direct democracy in Illinois, among many other reforms.


While crime has historically trended downward, we have seen a recent uptick in crime. This is due to the actions of unethical and ideologically fanatical politicians churned out by the Chicago Democrat Machine. In example, Democrat machine politician Kim Foxx let suspects go in a daylight gang shootout allegedly citing "mutual combat." We cannot continue to let people  get hurt, or allow shootouts like Illinois is the Wild West. The State of Illinois must intervene for the sake of safety. We must allow recall elections in Illinois, and we need to reinforce laws already on the books to stop people from being victimized.


Finally, we must restore the Illinois economy to being one of the best in the Union. Illinois has acres upon acres of productive farmland, excellent transportation infrastructure, and the Jewel of the Midwest: Chicago. By all rights Illinois should not be struggling, it should be thriving. Yet, companies like Boeing and Caterpillar are leaving Illinois. People are leaving Illinois too. We have to reverse this. We need to revitalize the economy and show people that there is opportunity in Illinois. The least we can do to accomplish this is reigning in unnecessary expenses, reforming the Illinois budget, and freeze taxes. We must stop the bleeding, and stabilize the situation before we fix anything else.

We are in one of the bleakest moments in Illinois history, but we can change this. We have the freedom and opportunity to change things with our votes. So long as there is a tomorrow things can get better, and if the trend of human history is anything to go by, it will get better. All we need to do is vote.

Illinois State House District 21

Matthew is running for Illinois State House District 21.

The 21st District includes parts of each of the following:

  • Brookfield

  • Berwyn

  • Cicero

  • Summit

  • Riverside

  • Bridgeview

  • Chicago (part of 23rd &14th Wards)

  • La Grange Park

  • North Riverside

  • La Grange

  • Countryside

  • Justice

  • Hodgkins

  • Bedford Park

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