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A list of achievable reforms Matthew J. Schutlz believes will overall benefit the people of Illinois. Subject to new information and data.

Budget & Economy

Cut the gas tax in half and end the undemocratic, automatic gas tax increase.

Freeze all state and local tax rates for the next 5 years.

Implement Tier 3 Pension Reform: An optional government pension plan reform that has already been passed, but has not been implemented. Estimated to save taxpayers a possible $577 million.

School District Efficiency: Remove redundant bureaucracy in school district management, and reinvest it into actually helping kids.

Encourage Entrepreneurship: Use state resources to attract and foster entrepreneurs in Illinois.

Common Sense Clean Energy: Work to expand cheaper and cleaner energy in Illinois. This includes solar, wind, safe nuclear, and natural gas. Illinois should be the undisputed energy capitol of the Midwest.

Crime & Justice

Repeal and replace the SAFE-T Act: The SAFE-T Act is a public safety risk. The bill must be revisited for the sake of police officers and the public at large.

Enable recall elections in Illinois. It is only right for us to not only elect public servants, but recall them if we the people so choose. I'm looking at you Foxx and Lightfoot.

Create an independent, state level commission to review District Attorney decisions.

Fund the police body camera mandate, if still applicable after the repeal of the SAFE-T act.

Procedural & Electoral Reform
"Ending the Madigan Era"

1-2 year cooling off period before politicians can become lobbyists.

Create Term Limits: Put term limits on all offices going forward.

Empower the Legislative Inspector General to act more independently and unleash anti-corruption task forces.

Abolish the Major Party/Minor Party Distinction and set all ballot petition signature requirements the same for all parties and independents.

Require bill voting schedules to be set in advance.

3-day reading requirement for every introduced or amended bill up for vote. Important because this closes loopholes where bills are gutted and replaced last minute before the bill is voted on.

Enable Direct Democracy: Allow easy access for citizens to put referenda and constitutional amendments on the general election ballot.

Enact independent district redistricting to circumvent political gerrymandering.

Ban all lawmaker lobbying other units of government.


End seniority requirements for Committee Chairs.

Elect committee chairs by caucus vote.

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